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Thickheaded Putty

Thickheaded Putty

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Five years in the making, hair dressings are true passion projects turned superstars. I've labored over our formulas on and off since the days of beeswax, a few different oils, and our kitchen stove. It's grown in scope and performance since then, and the products have gone through countless iterations in order to get to a final version, which I am infinitely proud of. And I think you will be too.

So how do you wear it? Thickheaded Putty is a heavy hitter. It will hold your locks in place all day long. It loves any hair type, any gender, wet and dry hair alike. If you like to style your hair fresh out of the shower, with towel-dried hair only, you can expect a bit more of a sheen than when applied to completely dry hair. However, once completely dry, tousling/combing the hair around to break up the product and disperse it evenly will dull the shine even more. Will appear even more matte with a good blow dry. Completely dry application will give the perfect, next-day hair everyone routinely searches for.

The magic of Thickheaded Putty is that it works to give clean hair some personality, yet, because of the kaolin and bentonite clay, also helps dirty hair absorb some oil and clean itself up a bit too. Easy to restyle with your hands or a comb (or a splash of water for bedhead).

Washes out easily with one shampoo. Perfect for combed and styled hair. Also works for messy, IDGAF styles, using a smaller amount.

HOLD: 8 | SHINE: 3

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